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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Cast:Steven Kanumba and Ramsey Noah
Director: Steven Kanumba
Writer: Ally Yakuti
Rating: PG-18
Running Time: 120 min.
Available in: VCD, DVD, VHS.
Produced in: 2011.

A young man working hard to have it all in life but isn't very successful, looks at his peers which are multimillionaires and doesn't stop asking himself why he isn't as successful as they are. He begins questioning GOD, and wondering if is he not praying as much as the others and as a result he is not as rich!
He starts a church but it doesn't generate much income, and so he asks one of his millionaire friends how he can be successful like them. His friend opens up and tells him it’s not the work of GOD but that of another power. He tells him that if he wants to be like them he has to join their secret society. He agrees and they give him everything; healing power, an increase in the number of church members, money and the good life but in return he has to make some sacrifices! After some time he is required to sacrifice an albino, which he finds impossible, so the secret society tells him to sacrifice his parents instead, he then tries to quit but they tell him there is no getting out - once you're in, you're. So he goes back to his church and kneels before GOD.

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